Horse Pasture Ghost Picture

Jacqui sent us this wonderful ghost picture taken in her horse pasture. We cannot explain the spirit anomaly away, so take a closer look and decide for yourself what may have caused the ghost:

"This past Saturday it snowed and I thought I would take some photos of my horses. The barn is in Lovettsville, VA and I took 37 photos with my Verizon Android 5.0 Megapixel Mobile camera. I downloaded them later that night and to my surprise I saw what looked like a column of smoke behind my horse in one of his photos. So I zoomed in closer and saw it was transparent, had a face and kept zooming in with my editing tools and this is what I saw. I just cropped out the ghost part of the picture; there is no edititing at all.

When I told the property owner today and showed her the photos she freaked out and said she too had seen the exact same thing in the pasture the same day 3 -4 times but thought it was her imagination; and that she said it reminded her of Jesus. I think it looks like a cave man or a younger, darker-skinned guy: maybe Middle-Eastern? Native American? Not sure but this is just bizarre. It was around 4pm in the afternoon; no wind and no snow...just calm, and I did not see this with my bare eyes."

It is our opinion that this is a form of pareidolia, where the facial image is formed by the tree branches and snow. This is separate from the mist which is in front of it.

The spirit mist is striking in the horse pasture. It was not caused by breath, something hanging in front of the camera or by flash reflection in our opinion. There is nothing below it which would have caused steam to rise in the cold air, so we are left to conclude that this is truly a good, paranormal photograph!