Ghost Pictures: Ghost in Sara's Basement

Our Ghost Picture of the Month for May 2007!
Anne sent this ghost picture in for her daughter Sara. It is definitely a man - no mistaking that!

"This picture was taken in the basement of the duplex that my daughter rents in Walton, NY. The town had flooded and her basement was fast filling up with water. She went down there to document their articles that were getting damaged by the flood waters. Although the lighting was bad and the articles did not show up, when she downloaded the pictures onto her computer, she found that she had captured what they believe to be an earthbound spirit. Her landlady was the only other person in the basement with her. When they studied the picture, they thought the man looked like what her landlord may look like in 20 or 30 years, although he knows of no older male relatives living or dead who resemble him."

"The only thing I did was adjust the brightness and contrast.  If you knew the extent of my computer skills, you'd know that even that was a huge accomplishment!"