Ghost Pictures: Old Town San Diego Apparition

Kris took this ghost picture of what may be an apparition at the Old Town San Diego parking lot located between San Diego Ave., Twiggs St., Juan Street and Harney Street.:

"My family and I were on vacation in Old San Diego in April of this year. We took a ghost tour in the evening and I was snapping photos like mad no matter where we were walking. This is in a parking lot walking back to the Whaley House area – supposedly built over an Indian Burial Ground. The few other pictures I took in this lot contain nothing. I see what I believe to be a man standing, facing the camera on the left side of the photo. You can see he has a v-neck collar with buttons going down the front. His hands appear to be in his pants pockets and his head is hazy. I can’t make out a face. His legs are long and thin. He even seems to cast a shadow?? It was a small group – just the family on the tour and I had hung way back from everyone to take pictures. This is not anyone from our group. I didn’t see anything at the time. I am sending the original picture without any modifications – I don’t have the software to get this any clearer and so if you do, be my guest."

2: This photo was exposed for 2 seconds due to a "night time" flash settting. This setting will cause the orange haze and light anomalies through extended exposure coupled with slight camera movement. Night settings of flash on digital cameras are often only supposed to be used with a tripod.

However, Kris was fairly certain that no one walked into her photograph, so how did she capture this person in the parking lot in Old Town San Diego?