57 Buick Ghost

Johnny sent us two cool ghost photos from an old 57 Buick. Is "Johnny's friend" looking at us from inside the car?

While both of these faces are scary cool, we suspect that they are "pareidolia," reflections in the glass that look like a phantom from 1957. You can learn more about this awesome, naturally occurring effect by reading Matrixing and Ghosts.

"On a day in 2005, I took the car and parked it across the road from a restaurant. While inside the restaurant for an hour, a friend said, 'Lets go take a pic or two of your car." So we went outside, and my friend and I stood across the road and she took 3 pictures. (Not knowing at the time the pictures were taken, but a month later) a psychic pointed out a face to us in one of the photos. We looked at the first picture taken and that actually showed an image in the front side window of what looked like the side of a face traveling, almost as if it had a tadpole tail attached to a face. Unfortunately, this actual photo I lost (story continued below)."

"The second photo taken that day was blank, or black, as if the camera didn't work for some reason - odd. But the third picture that was taken had the face you now see circled in red in the back window. I only wish I still had the first photograph with a face in motion in the front window! It was like this ghost missed me when I went into the restaurant, and when I came out, he was happy to see me and appeared. I rareley drive this car, but I will take it out again, soon, in public. I plan on disappearing for a while, so they (the ghost faces) appear; and I will snap him again.

I've had 3 different phsycics tell me the same thing: death by drugs and money gone wrong, a seven foot lanky yank named Kalvin who watches over you and your 2 young daughters (of which I soley raised). They also told me that he is sad because he did not get to have children of his own. My daughter at that time (when she was 8 years old) mentioned to me how a tall man was always in her dreams. I've even had another phsycic come to my house; and while she rubbed the top of a crystal glass, she said he will now appear. As she said that, I noticed to my right what looked to be a lighted sparkler effect, circling around each square of some wire netting which was there to keep my daughter's rabbits separated from two yards. This supernatural sparkler effect then flew at me and past me, then flew through part of my house which was freaky. Then the anomaly flew into the garage where this car (the 67 Buick) is kept. I have to tell you that I was a skeptical man until that day and some of the stories I could tell you that have happened while driving this car are something out of the 'Christine' movie."