Haunted Car Ghost Picture

Bobby sent us this haunted car ghost picture, which at first glance doesn't look out of the ordinary, but if you look closely, you will see ectoplasm forming below where the back seat is (left side):

"My friend has always told me his car is haunted. I've always been interested in the stories he tells me about his ghost. There was a time my friend let his other friend drive and while they were talking the driver glanced back and looked again. My friend asked, 'Whats wrong?' The driver responded, 'I could have swore I saw someone sitting behind you.' There are times my friend will be driving and he'll see images in his rearview mirror or someone peaking in his windows. One night, my friend was getting ready to go out and the car's inside temperature got very cold. My friend quickly took out his phone and took this picture."

It is intriguing that this cell phone ghost picture was taken while the gentleman was feeling the inside temperature becoming cold. The light from the car light above casts into the mist, but if you look closely, the mist flows at a different angle than the light.