Monroe Ghost Picture

Tom Chandler sent us this ghost has a transparent image on the left side. Do you see it?

"This was taken at a cemetery in Monroe Connecticut USA July, 2006. Look on the left side about 1/3 down from the top…was taken on a camera phone (T-Mobile MDA)."

"What I was looking at was a semi-transparent image on the left edge of the photo closer to the top. When zoomed in, it appears to be a man running towards the camera with both arms in the air. The quality of this pic isn’t that good as it was taken in the early evening, just before sunset with my phone - cam, but the transparent image...looks like it doesn’t belong in the picture. I will return here with my other cameras to shoot some more. The day I took this one I took about 50 photos, this was the only one that showed these anomalies."