Flash Reflection Ghost Picture

Here is a cool picture of flash reflection that produced a face in it. The second picture was so beautiful, we had to include it!

"Hi, my name is Elisa and I am new to the Australian state of Tasmania. While I was exploring this beautiful state with wonderful views I took these happy snaps with my digital camera. One is on the top of Ben Lomond national park one of the highest points in the state and has a strange ray of light beaming down out of a seemingly clear blue sky, and the other is from inside the notorious Port Arthur the old penal colony for convicts that were shipped out from England to Tasmania . This was taken inside the officer’s house. This place made me feel extremely ill and like I was rocking on a boat. I didn’t stay in there long. Can you see the face in the fireplace? What do you all think am I seeing things that aren’t really there?"