Dark Shadow Ghost Picture

Kathy Owen from Bodfish, California sent us this fantastic dark shadows ghost picture and ectoplasm photograph:

"Here are a couple of pictures I found laying around the house. I had to retake the picture using my digital camera. My scanner isn't working. The first picture is New Years Eve, had family and friends over at my house. The picture was taken with my daughters 35mm camera. Looks like our Shadow Ghost wanted to join the party. There were no camera straps, no long hair to get in the way of the picture, (my daughter has very short hair). We do have a Shadow Ghost in our house that makes quite a few appearances. The second picture is one that I goofed up!! I thought I had a spot on the picture, I tried to wipe it off...and messed up the side of it...Dummy me. But anyway, this picture was taken up here in this area inside an old Mining Shaft. This picture also had to be retaken with my digital camera because of a scanner problem. At the time the pic was taken, you could not see anything. Just plain darkness. When the pictures were developed, this is what we got. White Ectoplasm forming into the face of an Old Miner. He had to be right in front of us when this pic was shot!! Gives me the creeps!! We have a lot of old Mining Shafts up here in our valley, we surely will have to get more."