Dark Shadows Ghost Picture

Kathy Owen of Bodfish, California sent us some more ghost pics with what ghost hunters call "dark shadows" recently. Just so you don't think that all things are dark, we've added a white vapor trail picture from Kathy, as well!

"The first pic taken was in my living room. My husband is standing there...and this black mist appears behind him. It always seems to come out of the bathroom or the hallway, right there. My husband and I will see it during the night as a black, smoky image - as if it's walking from the living room into the bathroom. The second pic was taken about one month earlier. We had some friends and family over that night. When we decided to turn off all the lights and see what we could catch on my niece's new digital camera. There is that black mist in the corner by the closet doors and bedroom door. My friend on the floor there, said it felt as if he was sitting in a freezer. And he could feel something there."