Magnolia Hall Ghost Picture

Melissa Brume sent us this ghost picture with ghostly ectoplasm and story. She wrote a book that is coming out entitled, "Psychic Limbo" (A Book on the Supernatural, Angelic and Demonic Beings).

"This photograph was taken at 'Magnolia Hall' (in Natchez, MS.), around 2002. When it was taken, my little sister and I kept saying we wanted to take a picture of the ghost, if there was really a ghost. Nothing happened at the time; but when the pictures came back from developing, only the photos which were taken at 'Magnolia Hall' appeared to be suspicious. I didn't ever notice a face before, until few months back when someone else was looking at it! A bit CREEPY if you ask me!!!!"

"'Magnolia Hall' was built around the turn of the century by a man named Thomas Henderson (who also died within the home). Itis one of the many antebellum homes located throughout historic Natchez, MS.

In this house, guests have reported "mysterious foot-steps heard," along with imprints of a head indentation within the late Mr. Henderson's bed pillow. A psychic was once called in and said that his spirit still resides within the home.

I have no explanation for it (the anomaly). I hadn't any need for my flash, because on this day the sun was sufficient enough. And, at the time it was taken, I saw nothing."