Ghost Pictures: Ghost Video Stills

Dee Case was examining video from a ghost investigation when she found a couple images of possible ghosts. The first picture looks like a ghostly woman might still be in the house. The second photograph from the video has someone standing in a corner. The following pictures (below) are video stills of the possible specters:

"(This first photo was) taken from a (video) recording I did at a house where two women hung themselves almost forty years apart. I couldn't say which of the women this is, but I didn't see this until I watched the recording later. It was believed the first woman was schizophrenic."

Someone is standing in the corner of this video still. To us, we see an adult form in a corner, looking upward to the right, with the right arm raised above the head. Dee believes it looks like a baby. You decide...
"I have no idea why this baby appears except that in one of the rooms, there is a bed with baby clothes laid out."