Baja Ghost Picture

In Baja, California, a picture was taken inside a hotel of Joe Garcia. He wonders what caused the mist. Is this a ghost picture?

"I am enclosing a picture of me and something else that was taken about nine years ago. It's the kind of picture that was taken on the spur of the moment. The picture was taken at a hotel in Baja, California, Mexico. I later found out the hotel was haunted. I had people look at it say, "So what." Others have told me I got something there (in the photo), and a couple of people have said they get the creeps when they see the picture. My dad says it's my guardian angel. What do you think?"

This ghost picture from Joe is interesting. Mists can be caused by moisture and smoke, but this does not appear to be created from cigarette smoking or steam. Also, the swirl of the mist upward is intriguing. Is this the manifestation of a ghost or spirit? We do not know for sure, but the photograph is compelling.