Canal Fulton Ghost Walk Photos

Krista S. Mullins-Stamp sent us a few ghost pictures taken during a ghost walk with Haunted History Tours:

"I took these pictures on October 31, 2006 (Halloween). We went on a guided history tour in the town of Canal Fulton, Ohio. Everyone was given energy detectors to walk around with. I got some great pictures of orbs and there are several taken in the same place and the orb appeared to be moving down until it was gone. The best one was of a white blob right in front of my camera that was taken in the "Old Pioneer Cemetery". Before we went in, the guide told us no smoking in the cemetery, because that was where people had taken the best pictures in the past. Right after I took the picture, I asked people standing around me if anyone had just walked in front of my camera as I took it - and no one did. As soon as I snapped the picture, I got really sick to my stomach. I had a headache until the moment I walked out of the cemetery. When I was out I felt just fine."