Ghost Pictures: Ghostly Image

Suzannah from Bedford, England sent us this picture of lens flare; but could this be the ghostly image of christian writer, John Bunyan or just a trick of light...check it out:

"(Famous author), John Bunyan was born in Old Harrowden, which sits at the foot of the hill on which my village was built (circa 1915). This whole area was once known as the Wixams. This image was taken directly from my very basic digital camera and has not been tampered with in any way. You can pretty much ignore all the lights as the shot was taken through a window. The image was not visible to the naked eye. Focus on the area above the children's playhouse. This image bears an uncanny resemblance to Mr John Bunyan! He was born at the foot of this very hill on which my house sits, although his family had lived a rather ho hum existence for a good 150 years in this area before John was born. Their financial situation improved and they acquired land. Sadly, the house John's father built on the land (the house in which John was born) no longer stands, but the house John's children were born in is still there, although it has been derelict for many years. Directly under the area where the image appeared, at a depth of about 1-1/2 ft, I unearthed a quern stone. I was into archaeology at the time, and I felt drawn to this area. Finding this made me wonder if there had been life on this hill long before the first houses were built in 1914? Could John's ancestors have found shelter under the tree's that once stood proud on this hill? A family of Tinkers by trade, who produced a son that would have such a profound effect on the local area, the literary world and christianity. No wonder they call this Bunyan country! He was a role model for countless souls and still is. Welcome home John."