Grandmother Ghost Picture

Jeff Clark sent us this ghost picture of grandmother, and we must admit it is intriguing. The small head and torso was reflected in a mirror. Take a look...

"This photo was taken on Saturday night the 26th of September at my parent's house. I took a picture of my 5 month old daughter sleeping on my parent's bed at around 12:00 AM. I did not use a flash, because I didn't want to wake up my daughter.

The black shadow on the right side of the photo is my wife. The lights were very low. My mother passed away two years ago on the 2nd of September and this was the weekend that my daughter was being baptized. She missed my wedding by a few months and always talked about having a grandchild. I know she has to be looking in on us every once and a while. This photo caught an image in a mirror by the lamp. I showed it to my family which freaked them out. My dad said it must be your mom looking in on us. Sorry the picture is a little fuzzy."