Photos of Ghosts from NC Paranormal

Julie of NC Paranormal sent us these ghost photos. Visit her site here: NCParanormal.Com


"The first photo was taken in a historical district during one of our investigations, we were out side of a few buildings that date back to the 1800s. The ecto was all the way across the street from me, plus I hold my breath when I take outdoor photos in cold weather. The second photo of the ball of light, was taken in my old house last yr. We definitely had a male spirit in that house we used to hear him speak from time to time. The vortex photo was taken by one of my team members at the house her daughter is renting. It seems to be very active with energy. The last one is of the "female apparition" from what I can tell it appears to be genuine, I took this photo myself quite by accident. I was at the museum walking on the nature trail with my daughter when this was taken. I viewed the photos several days later and saw this image. I tried every which way to recreate this image, I even went back out the exact same time of day and under the same lighting, but could not reproduce this image. Just use any of these that you would like or you can use them all if you want to, I do not mind. I have a great shadow ghost picture I will send later, maybe that will be good one for you to post. People like shadow ghost pictures because they are hard to get. Imagine my surprise when I saw mine, he was a negative energy though, because I felt him before I ever saw the picture and I left the area as soon as i felt the negative energy."