Ghost Hunt Photos

Kathy Owen from Bodfish California sent the ghost pictures below...

"This one was taken on our ghost hunt the other night. We decided to go to Kernville, Ca. which is only 11 miles from my house. The gang wanted to have their picture taken in front of one of the old shops. The whole town is an old western ghost town. My daughter had a friend that wanted their picture taken too. It's the blue Orb on her jacket."

"The first pic was taken at the Old 1800 cemetery in Wofford Heights, Ca. Located between Lake Isabella and Kernville, Ca. The gang was the ones to enter the cemetery. I just stood outside to watch them in As you can see...3 of my young ghost hunters are standing off to the right, and my other young ghost hunter is standing all by himself on the least he thought he "was" standing by himself? Over his shoulder is something standing behind him, as if it was looking over his shoulder!! I had to lighten the picture so you could see it better. But we used the digital camera for all our shots."

"The next pic was taken at the park in Kernville also. The gang wanted to have their picture taken all together on the playground and to see if 'others' would join them. I guess we got a few Orbs floating around."