Stair Anomaly Ghost Picture

Regina P. sent us this ghost picture and negative. She's wondering what it is, and so are we!

"...still investigating this one."

UPDATE: We received this e-mail recently of regarding this picture, and by gaw, she's right!

"I don't usually write to web sites, but look at the picture closely. It's definitely a dog!!! Did they just lose a dog? How about the previous owners? Just thought I'd write in. Thanks! Candice"

UPDATE: Regina who sent us the picture, had these follow-up remarks:

"I did lose my beautiful Golden Retriever last March 19th. He wasn't even sick. The night before he had a sadness in his eyes I had never seen and when I got through petting him, he licked my face (something he had been trained not to do since he was a puppy). I sensed he had just kissed me goodbye. Next morning I came home after one hour shopping and found him dead in the dining room. A day hasn't gone by without him on my thoughts. I still don't know what caused his death.

The image looks like maybe it has pointed ears? My golden didn't have pointed ears. Looks more like a German Shepard or even a wolf. I really can't connect it to a Golden Retriever. I don't want to mislead anyone, but you are welcome to print the fact I did lose my Golden on March 19th, 2005 and let the viewers decide."