Chamberlain Observatory Ghost Picture

Joel sent us this ghost picture taken at Chamberlain Observatory in Denver, Colorado. The upper right front window seems to show human figures. The question is whether this a great case of matrixing, or if he truly has a great capture of ghosts in the window. You decide...

"I am just an amateur photographer with a new camera and new lens taking pictures (on Sat. 3/7) at the Chamberlin Observatory. It was about 2:00 pm. I made my way around to the back and turned around to snap a picture. When I went home to look at the pictures I noticed there were two figures in one of the windows that are clearly human forms. They are see-through and there is even a box you can see behind them. I did a little research on the place and came up with a photo of who I believe is the man in the picture. I have sent an e-mail to the school and received back in their response that they are not allowed to acknowledge the ghosts in the observatory. I have to tell you though that this was the last thing I expected to see."

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