Haunted Hotel Ghost Photo

Is the Overlander Hotel in South Australia haunted? Many who visit believe so, and this ghost photo causes many to wonder.

Built in 1859, this historic hotel has been home to drovers, overlanders, and beer. The hotel is built on the site of Overland Corner, which was a resting place for drovers (men who move livestock). The Brand brothers, who built the hotel, are pictured in the ghost photo. Famous for ghost activity, the Overland Hotel is believed to be haunted by the ghost of the man with beard whose head appears up top and to the left in the photo. Ghost stories abound, but is this ghost photo proof of the hotel being haunted? If so, then it has been haunted for over 150 years!

Do you see a bearded man peering over the shoulder of the dark-haired gentleman? Many believe this to be an authentic ghost photo. It still hangs inside the haunted hotel...