Quarantine Station Ghost Picture

Tracey Donnelly sent us some ghost pictures and EVP from Quarantine Station. The light anomalies are unusual and fantastic:

"They were taken at Quarantine Station in Sydney, Australia....taken on the same night, at the same place, but in different spots of the station. This place is very haunted, and I have seen and felt many things here over the years, as well as getting some good EVP there.

I used a digital with automatic flash, and no special settings. I am clair sentient and actually felt spirit near me. I have many good clear EVP from inside that building. There are no lights in this building and I have taken hundreds of shots of this particular building, but never got anything like this. You can see that inside the orange swirl it is out of focus, but the building that I was taking the shot of is in focus. This is the only time I have ever gotten shots like this."