Haunted Residence Ghost Photos

Alan Hunt from Atlanta sent us these pictures taken of his former residence. Is it haunted?

"...I was raised in Columbus, Ga. In 1973, my parents purchased this house. They moved out of the house in 1997. I have three siblings and each of us experienced unexplained supernatural events at separate times during the 25 years we lived there. My parents denied any supernatural happenings until recently when I went back home to Columbus. I stopped by my old house because it is currently for sale. I wanted to take pictures of the house for my personal scrap book, since it's the house I grew up in. I used a regular Kodak FunSaver 35mm camera. It was during evening hours when I took the photos. It was a little clouded over so there was no sunshine. It had not been raining and it was not foggy. The yard is covered with grass so there was no sand or dirt dust being kicked up as I walked around. On one of the photos, you will notice an orb on the left side of the photo. I immediately knew what it was based on my personal research on orbs (by the way, that is my silver car in the drive way). On the next photo, if you look in the front yard to the left of the photo towards the center of the picture; right next to a small tree you will see an apparition of what appears to be a person wearing a hooded cape. It has a yellowish-greenish color and looks as though it is a part of green shrubbery. You can easily see the face, hood and even the upper body (shoulders, which fade into a bluish color). I have had several people view this photo to get their opinion. They all agree that this is an apparition. Now some of them said that they can also see apparitions in the windows and other places in the yard. I could not. When I told my mother about it. She finally admitted that she knew that supernatural events took place in the house. However, she said that she did not want to encourage our minds with it because we were too young and impressionable and simply did not have the maturity to understand what phenomena like supernatural experiences encompassed. She, along with all of us were never afraid because the spirits were never frightening nor were they ever harmful. We always believed that it was a mother and her children. The house was always so warm and very inviting. I cannot say that these spirits are in any way demons or evil and or harmful spirits. However, I would say that they are friendly and very pleasant spirits. It is very odd that ever since my family moved out of this house that it is constantly on the market for sale. I, along with my family have noticed that even though people move into the house, they quickly move out of it. So either the friendly spirits that occupied the house when my family and I lived there are no longer there or they are no longer friendly. I do not know the history of the house and as far as I know, no one died in the house or around the property."