Picture of a Girl Face Ghost

This ghost picture was sent to us by Mary Waldren and Terri Duncan. Here's their story:

"This picture was taken in Orangeburg, Kentucky on a clear sunny day. My Uncle was involved in the remodeling of this particular house at the time and claimed to have heard footsteps and whispers throughout the house, but most notably in the kitchen and the room next to it. My Uncle asked me and my Aunt to investigate after being at the house one day and seeing a small girl in a yellow dress run through the kitchen and right by him! He called out to the little girl to tell her that she couldn't be in there because it wasn't safe for her---that's how real she seemed to him. Of course she was nowhere to be found when he went in search of her. We took many pictures of the inside, nothing was seen or heard while we were doing this. We proceeded outside toward the back of the house and my Aunt said, 'Come on little one, just show yourself,' and snapped a picture. At the time she was taking the photograph nothing was seen in the window. It was a very beautiful sunny day, no one was in the house when the picture was taken. Look in the window on the left, now look at the bottom right hand corner. See the face of the girl? When we first looked through the tons of photos we took that day, nothing was seen except what you would normally see when a house is being remodeled. That particular room where those windows are is one of the most active rooms, it's next to the kitchen. My Uncle has recently been back to this house, remodeling yet again, (seems no one stays in this house for any length of time) and he claims that she is still there. Of course I cannot say for sure that this is a ghost, but it seems rather odd to me that we would capture what looks like a little girl's face and thus confirming what my Uncle witnessed."