Ghost Head Photo

Often, we receive reports and pictures of ghosts appearing behind people when they take their own photo. Many times, the photos are taken using a cell phone. This ghost photo sent by Davina of a ghost head is no different:

"Heres another picture! The crazy thing is that it was also taken on a cell phone. This is my husband's cousin. His grandmother passed away two weeks before, and that's what she looked like (the lady in the back)! It freaked me the heck out!"

This ghost photo is simply spooky! The ghost head of an older woman is otherworldly in appearance. Note: Davina also sent us the Figure Behind Ghost Picture.

The above ghost photo also reminds us of the Jennifer's Ghost Picture. It was also captured by cell phone in a similar manner. We wonder if the eye of cell phone cameras could also be more receptive to capturing the images of ghosts and spirits. Are they seeing more of the Near Infrared spectrum of light?