Tillie Creek Ectoplasm Ghost Picture

Kathy Owen from Bodfish, California and founder of Lake Isabella Paranormal Society sent us this Tillie Creek campground ectoplasm ghost picture and comments:

"I was looking through my pics from our ghost hunt on Friday night at Tillie Creek, and I can't believe I overlooked this picture. This is the same night that we picked up the drumming EVP at the campground. Eric and John had broke off from the group and had walked down towards the lake, and was taking pictures there. The guys had no cigarettes, so it wasn't smoke, but they caught this on camera! Wow, it's a little distance from them, but they got some ectoplasm. Again, it was taken down near the water by the lake. It's just an open area of weeds and bushes. I had let Eric take my camera, and go on his own to see what he could pick up, and this is what Eric captured. Nice ecto!"