Kcaps Ghost Pictures

Josie White of Bakersfield, California and founder of Kern County Paranormal Society sent in these ghost pictures:

"We are ghost hunters of Bakersfield. We call our group Kcaps which pronounced K-caps stands for Kern County Paranormal Society. My name is Josie White and these photos were taken the first of October 2005 at the Union Cemetery here in Bakersfield. The night was clear - no wind but chilly. I took this photo of my two sons and grandson and this is what came out. So I shot three photos: the first one the vortex was on the left; the next shot the vortex was on the right; and the next photo the orb was on my grandson's stomach. We went back the next morning to check out the spot and two rows in front of the cross was my grandmother and grandfather's head stones. I felt they were telling me, 'Hey we're here.'"

"This photo was taken at my aunt's 56th wedding dinner at their house, which is Indian property.  We are Paiute Indians from the Lake Isabella - Weldon area.  So this night I was taking photos at this party and here is what I got...the best ones I like anyways.  It was taken in the hottest part of the summer in the evening of 2005.  Very hot - NO wind, kinda' miserable 'til about 10 p.m. This is in the country...Rosedale Highway near Wegis Road."