Malaysia Ghost Picture

Faisal from Malaysia sent us this interesting cell phone ghost picture. If you look close, the figure of an adult is walking through the couch, carrying what looks like a white box. Camera malfunction or a ghost?

"One night around 8 pm, my friend, Khalid just wanted to snap a photo of his two kids. So, he seated both of his kids at the sofa in their living area. He was using a Mobila phone camera. After he snapped the photo of his kids, he was very shocked when he saw a very clear apparition appearing beside his son.

It is like a black figure (very big/tall) with a hand that looks like it is trying to grab his kids."

The cell phone image of what looks like the torso, arm and hand holding a box behind the kids.  Look close, and you will notices the legs are missing and walking where the couch is visible.