Trena's Ghost Pictures

Trena Barron sent us some more ghost pictures, so we decided to post a couple of them. The first ghost picture has some nice ectoplasm forming in her house, complete with vapor trails. The second picture has a face that is in her kitchen window, again! We posted a couple more of her pics, as well.

"In the kitchen one night, I caught what looks like a skull type face in the bottom middle part of the window, and what looks like a cat or something in the top part of the window, on the left hand side. Then I have this mirror that has been here with the people that had lived here before, but this is the weirdest thing. I grew up three houses down from this house and I knew the owners since I was little. She recently passed in January, and the house was sold and rented and I got it."

5: "Jackson Valley Road, in Washington NJ,  where many accidents have happened since I was young."