Xmas Ghost Picture

This ghost picture taken at Christmas (or Xmas - X being an ancient symbol for Christ) was sent in by Christi of Kansas City, Missouri. We are not sure if this is a camera strap or some another anomaly close to the camera lens, but the story is interesting (as well as the orb created by the white anomaly). What caused it? You decide...

"This was taken with a disposable camera and scanned high-res by Snapfish.com. It was taken in our living room Christmas day, and conditions were normal. I should add that there is “activity” in our house, confirmed by Miller Paranormal and psychic Joyce Morgan. My daughter and I are sitting on the couch, which is where our dog once stood (yes, on the couch, though she knew it was forbidden) a couple of years ago and barked frantically in the air at the spot where my husband snapped the picture and where the anomaly seems to appear."

Update: Angela sent us this comment and cropped section of the orb:
"I am writing in regards to this picture I saw on your site. If you look left of the orb, it looks like a dog jumping out of it or the light. Do you see the possible dog teeth and collar of the dog?? Love your site :)"