Bayou Ghost Picture

Carolyn Crenshaw sent us this ghost picture of spirit presence, what many call ectoplasm:

"This is a picture my brother took at the Haunted House on the Bayou here in Houston, Texas, right before Halloween night. It's really a Party Boys store, but it is located either on top of or beside the oldest cemetery here in in Houston, and it supposedly really is haunted. So to draw in $$, there's a warehouse in the back that they make into a haunted house every year. When he took this, it was a clear, warm night. No one was smoking at the time and there were other pictures taken right before and after this was taken, but nothing came out in those. I'm pretty sure you can see the ghosly figure right when you look at the picture, but if you look to the upper right hand corner, you can see what looks like another face! I'm pretty sure they are ghost patterns but, these "patterns" don't look to friendly..."