New Orleans Ghost Picture

While on a vampire - ghost tour, Sheila Marcengill had this picture taken in New Orleans. It appears to possibly have spirit energy around her and the tour guide...check out the faces of people in the photo with them:

"The camera was an HP digital and I went on a vampire tour in New Orleans on my birthday (1-26-07). That is the tour guide in the photo with me. My boyfriend took the photo. I am not sure of the setting, but the tour guide had just told us a story about the convent on Ursulines Street, the coffins in its attic and of two women who came there in 1978 to investigate the stories of vampires in the convent. They were murdered that night, drained of all their blood and left on the church that is beside the convent. The strange thing is they are looking right at the door (there are two other ghosts in this photo). No one was around when this photo was taken and there was no one on the tour that looked like that. There were no lights on that street either. Needless to say, I was shocked when I blew the photo up to find four ghosts in it."