Ghost Pictures: Ghost Hand

We thought the ghost hand story and photograph would be interesting to post this month. Ted shared with us his story about a ghost hand imprint he discovered on top of a dusty, wooden radiator cover in his old home. He has been renovating it for nearly a decade, so different areas of the house are at times dusty from the construction. During the time he has lived here, he has experienced ghostly presences, movement of objects, the apparition of a man's head and many other strange occurrences.

The ghost hand is interesting, because in the photograph you can see Ted's handprints on the left and right of it for comparison. The handprint in question could not have been made by a human hand, for the fingers are parallel which is impossible. This is what caught Ted's eye. He knew he couldn't have made such a hand in the dust. If he didn't do it, who did? The haunted home is in NE Ohio...

It is definitely not a human hand imprint, but could somebody have inadvertantly drawn their fingers across the dusty wood making, the lines that look like a handprint?  We don't know, but we do believe the house has ghostly activity taking place in it for sure (based upon other evidence and eyewitness accounts).