Ghost Pictures--December 2004

Well, here is an interesting submission! This was submitted December 2, 2004 by Renee Sydor of Washington State:

"This ghost picture was taken a week ago by the Seattle Ghost Hunter Society and this is one of the pictures they sent to me. I believe it to be a ghost because when they took the picture NO ONE was even in the room (besides them); and the rest of my family was all outside of the house. This was taken a week ago and I believe it to be in the hallway between my son's room and my bedroom."

The following submissions and insets were sent recently to Angels & Ghosts. You be the judge of what you see in these is the explanation from Ginger from Forney, Texas:

"These two photos were taken during the weekend of November 13,2004, after the funeral of my husband's Grandpa. The first photo (submitted by Michael and Ginger Rains Drupp) was taken in the bedroom where Grandpa died which is also the room of his (Grandpa's) mother that passed away last year. I see a little girl's face on the picture frame and right under the bench I see a mans face that looks a lot like his Grandpa. The one under that looks to me like a cats face. The 2nd photo was taken by my daughter (Kristen Rains) and there is an angel plain as day in the top left corner; and what is so unreal is that when I went to get a copy of the photo I could see a man's face right above the little girls head with the wings taking a lot of the picture up like it is surrounding her."