Whaley House Ghost Picture

Tricia Wenzel captured a great ghost picture of ectoplasm at the famously haunted Whaley House in San Diego's historic old town. The vapor trails are plentiful - wow! There is no way cigarette smoke could produce this type of anomaly...

"I took this picture on Oct. 28th at the Whaley House. I was standing outside waiting to go the tour of the house and I decided to take a picture of one of the trees on the side of the house and this is what I found after the film was developed. This was the first picture I took using a disposable camera. It was around 6:45pm or so, when the picture was taken. There was absolutely no fog that night and as far as I know nobody was smoking around me. If someone was smoking do you think it would be possible to get an image like this? To me it looks like someone being hanged and someone else behind him, perhaps tightening the noose. What do you think? Another strange thing is, there should be a pole that was holding up one of the limbs of the tree in the photo, but it is no where in the photo, at least as far as I could see. Even my husband, which is somewhat of a skeptic, is convinced something was there. He tried to think of every logical reason for the image to be there, and the only one he thinks it could possibly be, is maybe someone's cigarette smoke. We even went back to the Whaley House to see if we could find something in the area that might explain the image. We found the angle at which I took the photo and we couldn't see what would've made the image appear in the film. I would be interested in what you think of the image in the picture."

What we are looking at are vapor trails of ectoplasm mist.  If you look close you can see the vapor is circulating...flowing; each trail looks almost as if something zoomed by.  Cigarette smoke will not produce this effect.