Holland Ghost Picture

Liedewij, a 15 year old girl from Holland sent this intriguing ghost story and picture:

"I had contact with ghosts since ‘from what I can remember,’ I was just a little girl. I think I have seen four different ghosts/spirits in my home, surroundings, and places that I went (or are close to me). I don’t know what they want or why I see them; they are just there and keep me up sometimes at night, because I can hear them. Also weird things happen like, doors open from their hold, curtains move without wind and sometimes at night when I go out...and stand before a mirror , something has flashed behind me very fast. And when I turn to look, there is nothing. I’ve been having trouble with one ghost in particular now, and she is following me everywhere. Since years of enduring this, I have my first real piece of evidence.

One day I was making pictures just for fun with my web cam. I looked at it and it was nice, so I saved it. The next day I was, again, behind my computer. It was evening and I was talking to my friend, who also had paranormal experiences. I was surfing around the web and also looking at ghost pictures, (also this site) and I began to wonder if maybe I had one as well. I started to look around and was shocked when I found a photograph that i took one day earlier. It contained two items that where NOT there when I took the shot.If you open picture 2 you see a thing sticking up behind my back, that is NO can, bottle or tube. It’s a hand raising up; if you make it negative, you can clearly see the lines and curves of the hand.

The other thing is a square image or picture, we don’t know EXACTLY what it is, but we had a talk about it and decided that we thought it was the tail of an airplane on a green grass field. Those things where NOT there when I took them. I did NOT manipulate this picture, I don’t even know HOW!"