Iceland Ghost Picture

Bob Reynolds captured this apparition of what looks to be a boy running in front of their car. Bob has considered all possible ideas as to what may have caused the apparition in Iceland, and is left with it being a ghost. There was no one in the park with them at the time the photo was taken.

"Other than my wife and I, there was no one else in the campground when this photo was taken. My wife was standing well to the right of the photo and was wearing a red parka at the time. I simply took a photo of our setup as I thought it would be a nice remembrance of having to camp on our trip."

"Note the person in blue near the hood of our rental car who appears to be moving to the left.  This figure was first noticed when my wife was looking at some of the prints I was making after we were back home.  Since then, I have looked at an enlargement of the area in question, but can not make out any distinguishing features such as facial features, or whether the form is male or female (no distinct breasts, etc).  The medium long brown hair does, however, resemble that of a female.  Note that the driver's side rear view mirror appears to be clearly in front of the image, and the image does not seem to have a bottom (legs, etc).  Neither this photo nor the file have been retouched or altered in any way."