River Ghosts Picture

Amber sent this picture to Angels & Ghosts and our first thoughts were cigarette smoke, due to what appears to be "sharp" swirls of smoke. However, she tells us this restaurant does not allow smoking. What do you think?

"I'm from a small town called Jefferson, Texas - one of the most haunted places you could ever live. This is my aunt in this picture with the yellow shirt. There was no smoking in the place we were at, so we think this is a lady standing behind her... I'm not sure what the building was before, but it is a very old building in Marshall, Texas."

"My friend Melissa an I were in downtown Jefferson, Texas when this was taken. This was an old hospital, then a bank, and now it's a general store on the other side...  If you have enough guts to stand in front of this building long enough, you are sure to see something.  We have went back many times and...we saw a shadow person in the top window. Lots of times you'll see blurry people out of the corner of your eye, but when you turn your head nothing will be there.  Sometimes you will get a eerie feeling like something is telling you to get away, but sometimes it feels like they want you there..."

"I went back during the day and the only thing in the window are dead vines (which you can see the vines behind and around the face)."