Ghost Pictures: Boy Apparition?

Nicole sent us this picture of a boy that suddenly appeared in her photo. It's an interesting story and occurs occasionally - but is it ghostly? This is definitely a little boy in the photo. However, this effect could be caused by someone jumping in front of the camera...the movement alone causing the "see-through" effect. Is this a ghost? You decide...

"I took this picture on the middle of an expressway with heavy traffic (also in the middle of the bridge). I waited until I had a clear view, and I am VERY positive there was no one there when I took this picture. It took place in Washington D.C. on July 16th, 2006. Later as I looked through my pictures, I found this. It looks like a human being but I swear that I didn't see anyone there. Let me know what you think."

Is it ghostly or just a sneaky prankster who loves the camera? He looks to be looking to our right, as if he was maybe watching another person who could have been taking his picture.