Ghost Coat Picture

Karene Smith sent us this ghost picture of a coat floating in her hallway. The ghost photo was taken with an Apple iPhone at 1/10 second exposure time. The story is quite cool, so we had to post it!

"This ghost began appearing in 1990 after we built the house. He revealed to a sensitive friend that he was from The Battle of Corbitt's Charge and NOT a Gettysburg soldier! We live on a major route into Gettysburg, PA. He was from a local battle. Through him, we discovered that his commander was incompetent and was drunk in a local bar. He is haunting my house because his intention was to build a house on the property after his service in the war was over. He is Delaware First Cavalry as far as we know. This was shot down my hallway that leads to the bathroom. The closet door behind him is open and he blocks out part of it. He is very tall and we see him often, He is a pranksetr and will shake beds and pull covers as well as peek around corners at the unwary and unbelievers. In this photo, you can only see part of his coat, and maybe head. He occasionally manifests more fully."

Is this evidence of a ghost floating in the hallway? You decide...