Ghost Pictures: See Through Daughter

April sent us this interesting photo of her daughter. She has had several pictures do this, similar to a long exposure, and is not sure what is causing it:

"My two year old daughter in my living room!! What do you think?"

"My 2 year old daughter was standing there waiting for me to take a pic of her...she loves the camera (and I had a digital camera at the time). The majority of her pics are with some kind of spirit in it or something... but, this one she is invisible!  There isn't really a story behind it...  There is also  some kind of smoke - looks light over her head going towards my son on the chair...and a lot of weird things have been happening around our house lately.  My daughter always talks to ghosts. She has been like this since she was able to talk!  It's like she is a ghost magnet.  I can't really tell you more about the was about a year and a half ago - all I remember was, she was posing for the pic!