Group of Ghosts Picture

Keith Pellechia sent us this very interesting picture of what looks like a group of ghosts or even what some may deem as "faeries" walking in a line. Check it out and his impression:

"I was walking throught the nature walk today with my new Kodak digital HD camera that I got for Christmas. I was taking random photos as I'm an artist. I was walking along the way and I saw this bunch of nature to my left and something just to told me to take a photo of it, so I did. I got home and downloaded the sixty photos I took. I came across this one, and my eye triggered right toward the middle of the shot; and I saw some weird aqua shape. I cropped it and enlarged it. I realized that it looks a lot like a group of people walking toward my direction in the form of a line. The first guy, you can clearly see a partial hairline along with his arm holding some kind of sack. It looks like you can see maybe 10 -15 people!!"