Man & Dog Ghost Picture

Lydia Carey of England took this amazing ghost picture of what looks to be a man and dog in front of a light house. This is not the shadow from the chimney, as it would not cast this direction.

"This picture was taken on the 25th April 2007 approx 9.30pm at Portland Bill, Dorset, England. I was taking some long exposure photos of the lighthouse (unfortunatly without a tripod) and didn't see anything strange but towards the end of the session (this was the 2nd to last shot taken) my dog who was on a lead just wanted to get out of there...and fast. So I packed up and walked home... I didn't pass anyone and was on my own the whole time and it wasn't that dark that I could have missed someone. The shots either side of this are clear and in each case the exposure was for 10 seconds. I would be very pleased if someone could comment on this as my friend reckons its just the shadow of the chimney of the house connected directly to the lighthouse. There also seems to be another figure next to the dog on the left hand side but nearer to the camera, again would like someone to comment on that. I have to say when I got home and looked at this on my computer, the hairs on my arms stood on end!"