Caped Ghost Picture

Jeanette Richter sent us this intriguing ghost picture of what looks like energy and mist, but also with a creepy caped figure in the center. Is it a ghost or did the camera somehow create the image?

"I took this picture on May 28 th 2007. I was standing in the doorway to take a picture of my children's messy room to show my mom the mess they made. It was like at 10:00 AM. I took this picture with my Kodak EasyShare Digital Camera. There is a figure, I guess thats you would call it, standing directly in front of me. Then to left, on my daughter's toddler bed mattress, there seems to be a half of a grey face. The ghost standing directly in front of me has a hooded cape I think. If you zoom in on it he has red, beady eyes and weird back legs. I don't know what it is. But, I knew I caught something extraordinary!"

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