Ghost Pictures: Sydney Ghosts

Dale Jones sent us this picture from Sydney, Australia. He was kind enough to outline the anomalies, and has provided a detailed description...if the image is clicked, you can view it larger.

"I hadn't expected to experience anything on this tour and all who I have shown this photo who were sceptical about my description now also believe in the presence of spirits or ghosts."

"In December last year, I was in Sydney and decided to do the Rocks Ghost Tour. It was a lovely summer night - warm & no wind. I took my digital camera and as the guide told us things had quite frequently shown up in guests photos, I went mad taking photos of everything. Part of the tour goes to Observatory Hill which is the site of the first hangings carried out in the Australian colony. Walking up the hill, I had the urge to stop and take a photo of a large Morton Bay Fig Tree near the crest of the hill. The guide took us to a nearby tree where she explained the history of the area and some strange occurrences that people have experienced while on the tour. As she described some of the happenings around the tree I had photographed, I scanned through my photos - to my shock (and to the shock of the others in the group) something appeared in my photo. Luckily I had my camera hanging around my neck as Idropped it and exclaimed "Oh my God". At this the others all surrounded me to ask what was wrong and I explained I could see a ghost in my photo...after inspection by several others, there were comments that some could see three or four figures. Since my arrival home and review of the photo on my computer screen I have seen up to 7 figures in the "smoke." Again, this was a clear night, no one was smoking (although I desperately needed one afterwards). There were also no lights on this part of the hill. If you look at the sign in the photo, you can see how the top is clear and in focus however the rest of the sign is obscured by the "smoke". To the left of centre, there is a small orb with what appears to be a small boys face. Immediately to the right of that there is a large figure of a man with a beard and a hat. Below and to the upper right of this there appear to be more vague faces - eyes and mouth only. Below the sign, there appears to be a woman's face with long hair flowing down over her right shoulder. To the right of this there appears to be a right arm and shoulder of another figure which seems to be headless, with an orb appearing in the centre of the chest and what appears to be energy activity where the figures neck should start."