Miles Brewton House Ghost Picture

Jenny Ramsey took this ghost picture of a ghostly mist at the Miles Brewton House:

"Attached is a picture my wife took in December 2004 after Christmas, but before New Years, while we were in downtown Charleston, SC. She took several pictures of the Miles Brewton house and only one showed an odd mist or smoke. It was a fairly cold night with clear conditions. The picture was taken with a digital camera. We noticed the smoke in the picture immediately, and wondered whether the effect was created by our breath. We tried to recreate that effect with no success.

I researched the history of the Miles Brewton house. The original owner and his immediate family perished at sea in 1775. The house then went to his sister and was promptly confiscated by British troops to be used as a military headquarters during the American Revolution. During the Civil War, a Confederate Captain Robert Pringle was mortally wounded and brought back to the house. At one time, his bloodstains were still visible on the stone of the portico. The Union used the house as a military headquarters at the end of the Civil War."