Burnside Bridge Ghost Picture

Geary Hoover sent us an interesting image he captured at Burnside Bridge:

"I live only about three miles from Antietam Battlefield and the photo was taken back in September of 2009. When I had the photo developed I noticed something odd and had it blown up to notice the detail. There are three images. The first is a very distinct image of a man's face. You can see the forehead, browl, eyes, pupils, nose, nostrils, lips and chin. The other image off to the left looks like a young girl in a red dress holding something in her lap."

"I took the photo to Antietam Battlefield where I met Ranger Stephanie Gray and her staff. They just fell in love with the photo. Stephanie found a third image of what she thought looked like a soldier to the far left also.They have the photograph on display at the visitor center at Antietam Battlefield. It is the only photo of a very distinct image. All others they have received have been orbs, smoke, shadows, etc.

I had the photo copyrighted and it has been recently authenticated by a leading Digital Forensic Scientist at Dartmouth College. This authentication has meant everything. It has been in several galleries and museums in the Maryland area to date. The Mayor of Sharpsburg, Maryland has this photo in his chambers, as does the Mayor of Harpersferry, West Virginia.Whatever this photo is, good lighting, timing, shadows, or whatever, it sure does put on a good show.

The Burnside Bridge is the site where over 12,000 civil war soldiers died fighting to defend and capture the bridge. Over 23,000 soldiers died in a single day at Antietam Battlefield, making it the most bloodiest battle in history. Antietam Battlefield is the sight of many ghostly activities and this photo says it all.The photo was named, The Guardian of The Burnside Bridge, and even though I had thought the image resembled someone that we all know, Ranger Gray said it first, 'My God, it looks like President Abraham Lincoln.' Lincoln was there just two days after the battle at the Burnside Bridge."

You can find out more about Geary's photo at: ArtistSites.org