Ghost Pictures: Men in White

Anne and her husband were taking photographs and captured men in white that they could not see walking among the stones. Who were they? What were they there for? Are they ghosts?

"My husband and I went to the cemetery to visit my father-in-law and grandfather-in-law. I took this picture because I thought the sunset was beautiful. When we walked back to the car, I looked at the picture and noticed what appears to be men in white towards the back of the picture. My husband and I both looked back to the exact spot where I took the photo and there were no such figures. Furthermore, there was no one else around. It is a military burial plot, so all of the headstones are identical and in exact rows. These 'figures' are clearly out of place, and to us, definitely look like figures walking away from us."

We find it compelling that both Anne and her husband noticed the figures in the photograph while on site. They examined the area right after the picture was taken and could not find anyone on the grounds where the men in white appeared. Two firsthand, eye-witnesses of the paranormal is sometimes the best evidence we can gather.

Are the men in white ghosts? You decide...