Ouija Board Ghost Picture

James sent us this crazy ghost picture, but we questioned if it had been altered. James says it was not altered in anyway. If not, it's incredible. We lightened it a bit to make the image of a see-through person more visible. The story's great so you decide:

"A couple of nights ago, my friends and I were messing around with a oujia board, because one of my friends is a non-believer in ghosts, spirits or the after world. At first it started off fine, because most of us weren't expecting anything to happen. Since I already am a big believer in ghosts and sprites I didn't want to take part, but my four friends did. When we asked if any sort of spirit was present in the house, the glass moved 'Y' for yes and we then were starting to get freaked out, because the people who were touching the glass swore blind that they weren't moving it at all (and it was all done on its own). This is then when one of my friends said he didn't want anything to do with it anymore, but the other three continued asking it questions. They were amazed by the fact that (they said) they weren't moving the glass. Soon after, they started to get even more freaked out when they asked if the spirit was angry with any of us in the room, and it said 'Y' for yes. This is when things got worse, because the glass suddenly shattered on its own. We then just put it away and forgot about it. The following night I started hearing noises from the room where we summoned the spirit and what sounded like people muttering words. I, myself, started to freak out again, because of the stories I have heard about spirits when they are summoned not leaving the house afterwards. I grabbed my new camera, which I got a few weeks before hand, and I moved downstairs. The door was open to the room which is weird, because I always close the door to stop my cats from going in. I walked into the room to find that not only had the chair moved, but the table we summoned the sprite on, had turned long ways. I quickly got a few pictures and left the room, because it felt like there was something or someone there in the room with me. The next day I ran the pictures up on my PC to see what awaited on the pictures. I found that on the living room picture was a shape of what looked like a man (and the spirit claimed it was a man when we were talking to it the other night)."