Amvets Ghost Picture

Nita G. sent us this ghost picture taken at the Amvets Post # 4 in Soldotna, Alaska in 2008:

"(The) photo was taken on a very slow night. There were no people smoking and very few people seated in the area that the picture was taken (and only one of many pics taken that night. It was karaoke night - a very slow night for patrons. *Note: this establishment has many, many events where ghosts are actually seen, felt or heard. I have had a karaoke service here as an event every Saturday night for about the past ten years).

I often 'feel' someone approach me from behind my chair while at my work station, thinking it is someone coming up with a song. About half the time when I turn around, no one is there (sometimes I actually feel them lean, or move my chair as if they are looking over my shoulder). I and others, often catch something out of the corner of our eyes, then when we look, it is gone.

Once, when I was in the women's room, I heard someone in the second stall. I was washing my hands, touching up my hair and make-up. I kept hearing someone, like the paper roll, noise of them moving on the toilet, etc. I even talked to them, but when they didn't answer, I went back to check if they were alright. There was no one there. I looked out and down the short hall to see if it might have been someone from the men's room (the two restrooms have a wall between them), but saw the men's room door wide-open with the lights off.

Another time, one of the bartenders, on more than one occasion, has seen an older man come in the back door and walk to the coffee maker as if to pour himself a cup. When she walks over to see if he needs help, he suddenly disappears. Another lady has taken a pic similar to mine with the shots of what appears to be ghosts. This photo was taken during a baby shower for one of the bartender's daughters, in broad daylight, no smokers, with only about six or seven people attending."

A swirling mist of vapor trails floats around the women. If no one had previously smoked in the room, we have no explanation (other than the presence of spirit) as to what could have caused the phantom mist.