Ghost Pictures: Evil Face Ecto

Stephanie Voss sent us this story and ghost picture with ectoplasm moving in and then out...well, she'll explain:

"These are taken in our woods. We made an ice skating rink for the kids to ice skate on. We cleared out a spot that was like a swampy wooded area. With this winter being weird, I waited a long time for the ice. Finally the day came that was just cold enough to ice skate, and there was a beautiful sunset. I was really excited to finally take pictures of our kids ice skating. It was not cold enough to see our breath and nobody was smoking, either. I took about 20 pictures all together. It was getting dark and my flash was set on fill flash. My camera all the sudden started taking weird pictures and I thought nothing of it until I saw this on my computer. I was amazed, but what I see is an evil spirit. You will see the face looking right into the camera and a skull right above my kids. There are about five pictures -- and in between the five there were two black ones. You can see the spirit come into the picture; and then after five pictures it was gone."